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ART COAT – A surface finishing to improve automatic and machine assembling

ART COAT – A surface finishing to improve automatic and machine assembling
Art coat is a semi-permanent dry surface treatment. It improves enslavement of O-rings and rubber parts on any automatic feeding assembly lineArt coat is a value alternative to traditional silicon oil or talcum treatment, because it doesn’t add any residual dirty on feeds and vibrating tables, reducing any maintenance of the line.Art Coat meets the requirements of KTW-Guideline (UBA) for organic materials, so it could be used for any part with potable water contact requirements

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Ar-tex has been operating on the Italian and international market of o-rings and technical rubber articles since 1970 with the basic aim of satisfying each individual customer’s needs guaranteeing top quality at competitive prices.
Our fourty years of business have been characterised by the continual research for qualitatively excellent product performance to give maximum customer satisfaction.
In the mid eighties we started developing a quality management system along these lines in keeping with the existing standards, and in 1993 we were awarded the ISO 9001 certification. At the beginning of 2002 we received the ISO TS 16949 certification to meet the growing demand of our customers from the car industry.