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Ar-Tex offers its customers a unique service for the design of custom-designed rubber components.

Our Advanced Engineering department works in collaboration with the technical departments of our customers and, after the analysis of the application, develops sealing components and deformable elements in elastomeric materials; using simulation techniques and structural analysis we are able to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers.   

Thanks to a rigorous characterization of the compounds carried out in the Ar-Tex laboratory or by recognized international bodies and after CAD modelling, the structural analysis software guarantees an accurate analysis of the working conditions of the components being designed and the contact between the components themselves, reproducing the load cycles to which these elements are subjected on site.

The result of this process of cooperation and development with the Customer is the definition of the optimal geometry of rubber components that meet the customer’s needs and specifications, both in terms of product requirements and assembly process.

At the customer’s request, we also offer a 3D printing service of models in thermoplastic or semi-rigid elastomeric material, thanks to which the customer is allowed a first tactile and visual analysis of the product, in order to identify any problems related to handling or assembly before the first prototyping phase.

Thanks to the specific experience gained in the sector and applied in the field by its technicians, Ar-Tex Advanced Engineering offers its customers the best solutions to market needs in terms of design, product reliability and innovative design.